Ethical Trading Policy



Falcon Sportswear Ltd has traded in the UK and abroad since 1974 and has always traded with a high degree of fairness and professionalism.  We have also always demanded the same from all our suppliers.  All our suppliers have confirmed that they agree and will adhere to our policies and working practices.


We insist that within each country all the national and international laws of employment are adhered to and in particular:-


 1)      No child labour is used.

2)      Employment is freely chosen

3)      Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected to the extent permitted by local law.

4)      The working conditions are safe and hygienic

5)      Working hours are not excessive

6)      Wages are within the local/industry norm.

7)      Waste dyestuffs and other products are correctly disposed of.


 Our main foreign suppliers are fully vertically integrated from receiving yarn through to supplying our garments.  Rigorous quality checks are made at knitting, dyeing, cutting, final inspection and packing.  We also have independent quality supervisors who visit the off-shore factories regularly to ensure these quality checks are performed.  We personally do this for all our U.K. suppliers.


All garments are test-checked upon arrival at our warehouse and failures rejected.